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This study is conducted on-site at your facility. We connect directly to your electrical system at key junction points pre-determined in consultation with you and your staff. We are seeking information on possible causes for electrical operational problems that show up as glitches, resets, reboots, reprogramming, failures in components, motors, and lighting, and downtime in your systems. We use a Dranetz Power Quality Analyzer, AEMC Clamp-on Ground Tester, and ECOL Electrical System Analyzer to study the electrical distribution system. We are looking for:
• Voltage levels and balance
• Current levels and balance
• Impulse surges
• Ring-wave surges
• Voltage harmonics
• Current harmonics
• Voltage sags
• Voltage swells
• Outages
• Grounding continuity
• Grounding quality

We record these events, analyze them, determine their source, and write a report on our findings to include descriptions, images, charts, and our recommendations for remediation equipment or procedures.


The installation of a surge protective device (SPD) is an often misunderstood process that has strict requirements. The successful installation of SPDs must be made with leads as short and straight as possible. This may require positioning the SPD in code-compliant, but unusual positions on, or inside the switchgear, panels, disconnects, or equipment. With over 35-years field experience in the application and installation of SPDs, PQSolutions is able to provide professional and comprehensive commissioning of your SPD installations in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective manner. We work with the electrical contractor prior to installation to make sure they are aware of the requirements. When the contractor is ready for the commissioning inspection, we work with the electrical contractor to resolve any problems during the inspection, or if not possible, afterwards during the inspection follow-up.


This study is conducted on-site at your facility. We talk with you and other key personnel about what you feel are problem areas within your facility and what has been done in the past to try to fix those problems. Relying on our 35+ years’ experience in Power Quality, we walk your electrical distribution system, noting equipment, possible problems sources, effects on operations, and available space for remediation equipment. We review our notes and images and write a report with descriptions and images and recommendations on suggested remediation equipment and installation.


Pre-construction, renovation, or remodel plans can be reviewed for the proper application of surge protection, UPS systems, grounding, and back-up generators. We work with the design engineer to determine the best locations, sizes, and types of Power Quality equipment to protect your system and equipment from damage and disruption. We will make recommendations on the equipment needed.


We offer on-site and remote training through seminars, webinars, and individual ZOOM Meetings.
The on-site seminars will have an instructor coming to your facility to make a presentation on a Power Quality subject determined through consultation between yourself and the instructor. The seminar can be certified for Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Continuing Education credits for those requiring CEUs for their professional licenses or company training requirements. The on-site seminars are typically 3 to 5 hours in length, although subjects can be combined to make a full-day event.


The webinars will be presented on-line using ZOOM Meetings. They will be private, invitation-only events. The webinars will be on Power Quality subjects determined through consultation between yourself and the instructor. The webinars typically last 45 to 60 minutes with a question and answer period following the presentation. A series of webinars can be set up over a full day, several days, or weekly over several weeks. These webinars can also be certified for IEEE Continuing Education credits.


Individual ZOOM Meetings will be by request. These meetings are usually to address concerns with a project, a recommended or potential Power Quality product, installation questions, or maintenance issues. They are typically one hour or less and provide direct answers to the engineer’s questions without relaying through several layers in the supply chain.